How To Write Compare And Contrast Papers

Have you ever looked at two different things and noticed a difference or some similarities between them? If you have, then you already understand the main concept of a compare and contrast paper. Essentially, to write this paper you are simply supposed to study two subjects, note their features, identify any similarities or disparities between them, especially based on their definitive features, then present these in an orderly manner in a discussion paper.

In real sense, writing about compare and contrast research paper topics is simply about being keen on what makes the subjects of your discussion what they are, what they share in common and what sets them apart. It is that simple. The following are some ideas that will help you learn how to write such a paper:

  • Research on the subject
  • Introduce your paper
  • Present factual information

Research on the subject

In paper writing, there is no feature that is as important as researching on the subject of your discussion. In fact, this is where you earn or lose points. Depending on the marking guide, your teachers will in most cases be looking to see how well you can present information other than the obvious. If you do this, it shows you take your work seriously and put in additional effort. This is one of the reasons why you will get better grades.

Introduce your paper

A good introduction will always get the attention of the teacher. Therefore, you must learn how to begin a compare and contrast paper properly. Introduce both subjects of your discussion. Explain to the audience why it is important to study these two and how it will benefit the work you are doing. As you write the introduction, remember that there should be a good relationship between the title and the introduction. Should there be any disparity in the two, the connection gets lost and you could also lose marks.

Present factual information

Do not just write your paper for the sake of it. It is important for you to ensure each paper you write is based on facts. Read widely before you start writing this paper. Your teachers already know so much about the subject, so there is a good chance they will sniff out lazy work very fast. Find an angle that you believe has not been discussed by other students in the past or an angle that has not been overly discussed in the past. Try and present new ideas when writing this paper. If you can follow these keenly, you should have a very easy time writing this paper.


While writing such a paper might appear to be simple, this is not always the case for everyone. There are a lot of students who still struggle with this. If you happen to have any concern, speak to someone who writes papers from time to time, and they can assist you, show you the best way to go about it and do thesis editing for you.